#Jaws Feedback/Fallout

Posted for posterity. Annoying or entertaining? You decide.

@memepunk: "Reading #jaws LTs. You people are funny. Sick and funny. I think I like you."

@rkn: "was dreading the #JAWS livetweet scroll but have found it entertaining...."

@Dealfatigue: "Reading live tweet of #Jaws on Twitter. Interesting use of traditional / new media but is it a fad or something lasting and commercial?"

@NinjaWorrier: "Ah #jaws tweeters I knew I could rely on you for a good chuckle. Next time you do one, though, can you do it earlier so UK types can play?"

@mattsinger: "Kinda bummed I missed the JAWS livetweet. Living vicariously through the rest of you. I gotta get in on the next one."

@indpnt1: "@jbwhaley @MaryaMurphy @AlejandroAdams Thank God you guys are cute or I'd a dumped all three of yah for that bunch O shenanigans"

@JohnnyDiggz "It's like going to Twitter Filmschool...without having to sit through Nanook of the North!"
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Tassoula said... @ July 13, 2009 at 10:35 AM

This is a great sample of the sentiments - I actually gained followers during the Dr. Strangelove and Jaws Tweets, lost two during my personal drunken live Tweet of 13 Going on 30 (ha) and then gained two more new followers before that film was over, so ultimately came out even.

A running log of the cheers and jeers for all of our group Live Tweets is a brilliant list to keep up.

Patrick said... @ July 13, 2009 at 10:47 AM

Luckily, everyone following me knows I'm annoying or I don't care about. So, they're unfazed/unmissed.

How did I miss the 13 Going on 30 one? Was there commentary on the cuteness of outfits? ;)

Tassoula said... @ July 13, 2009 at 10:56 AM

Just go to my Twitter page and scroll down through last night to the entries tagged #drunkentweets. :)

There is much talk of Pat Benatar, Rick Springfield songs, etc.

DISCLAIMER: The drunken live tweet was all @AlejandroAdams fault. He suggested it.

Patrick said... @ July 13, 2009 at 12:18 PM

Just read the #drunkentweets. Outside of Twitter, I work in lists.

1. Mark Ruffalo isn't underrated. He's simply rated.

2. Guilty. Pachelbel Canon during my wedding. Totally cliche.

3. Pat Benatar? I'd unfollow, but fear the wrath. Plus I'm a sucker for hearing my initial reaction is totally wrong. #candidateforsadomasochism #seenRickSpringfieldinconcert #ohtheshame

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