Yes, I'm Serious: THE LOVE GURU 12/12 3pm EST

Hey hey, long time, no tweet, or something.

Well, not quite. In the absence of organized/institutionalized live-tweet events, Michal Oleszczyk and I have been staging guerilla live-tweets on Saturdays at 3pm EST. Because we can, grunt grunt.

But it's come to our attention, thanks to Tom Russell's due diligence, that there hasn't been an update on the site in a bit.

So the next live-tweet event is this upcoming Saturday, 12/12 3pm EST.

The film? Mike Myers' vehicle The Love Guru.

No, my friends, I am not kidding. This is not strictly to rag on MM, though there will be some of...hell, a lot of that. I can only speak for myself when I say that the live-tweet is an excuse for me to see whatever happened to MM, a comedian I used to like as a teen and now dread looking at head-on for fear that his mugging has gotten as bad as it looks.

The illustrious Ali Arikan will be co-hosting the event with myself and all are welcome. You can follow us respectively at and Hashtag will be #lguru. I believe Tom and/or Mary Russell will join us as well so you can follow them at We're good people. We won't steer you wrong....much.
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