Correction! FROM BEYOND Live-Tweet 10/24 3pm EST

I had made a mistake in my earlier post. My proposed Halloween-themed Live-Tweet will be Saturday 10/24 at 3pm EST so that people across the pond can participate too (Amber Wilkinson, also known on Twitter as "Ninjaworrier," had expressed interest and because more participants is the goal here, I figured it only made sense to try to accommodate said request).

So to be clear:

Stuart Gordon's From Beyond.

Saturday October 24

3pm EST

At Your Place

It will be fun.

Re-tweet this announcement, please, and be sure to follow simonsaybrams, my Twitter account, to let me know you'll be joining in (my account is security protected; it keeps the spammers at bay but it means I have to okay anybody that wants to follow me). So there.
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